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03 Apr 2009

Programmable remote control RT4248 for up to 4 devices


RT4248 is one of these models of programmable remotes that can control up to 4 devices simultaneously. The pros of these kinds of remotes are countless. As are the advantages in comparison with the outdated universal remote controls. 
Let's start from the fact that all the codes for the most common brands and models on the European market are compiled into one database. There's also a shared Internet database in which the information of each new read remote  is retained and can be used by all holders of remotes RATAI. We also know that the good old CRT TVs are being replaced by new plasma, LED and LCD TVs. But that does not mean that your old TV is not as good as 20 years ago when you bought it. So when the remote control of this old TV is broken (but there is no longer an original replacement on the market) you don't have to give away your buddy. You can find help through our remotes, which can be programmed to control more than 400 000 device models. 
Other advantages are that you can shuffle the functions of the buttons, you can program and reprogram it yourself. For questions and problems you can always count on us. No need to be overwhelmed with multiple remotes. You only need one. RATAI4248.
If you think you can not program it by yourself, contact us and we can guide you through the operation. 
You can also send us your device model, and we can program the remote for you. Yet that last option is a bit risky. 
Anyhow contact us and choose your favorite remote, so you can see for yourself  their quality and the comfort they bring.
And we thank you for your trust!
 Additional Internet shared database RATAI, a constant update and the latest models sold on the Bulgarian market.

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Working with the software and the Internet shared database is easy but if you have questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us!
Computer-programmable remote control is a new improved product of the traditional universal remote controls. Their main characteristics and differences consist in the code database.
Traditional universal remotes contain codes in themselves and once made they can not be renewed. The database of programmable remotes is stored on a computer or a web server. This allows a constant update of the database. Reading a new remote and saving it to the database has never been easier. This is why it's unlikely for the programmable remote to get old and don't have the ability to control new devices.



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