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03 Apr 2009

Cable TV and Surge Lightning Protector


Cable TV and Satellite in-Line Coaxial Surge Lightning Protector 75 Ohm 5-2500MHz


  • Provides superior protection against high and low voltage transient surges,regulatory compliance CE,RoHS

  • Suitable for CATV,MATV,SATV,cable net and other communication system in-line coaxial surge protector

  • Install and teardown simply,low insertion loss and high return loss,DC outlet for remote power supply

  • Return Loss:5 to 862MHz:typ 20dB,GM 18dB,863 to 1002MHz:typ 20dB,GM 18dB,1125-1750MHz:typ 16dB,GM 14dB,1751 to 2502MHz: typ 14dB,GM 12dB

  • Code: SP_9010
  • Manufacturer: PACO STAR
  • Weight: 0.040 Kgs
Price: 11.80лв.
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