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03 Apr 2009

AV-Modulator and IR extender


  • Code: AV_Mod_Ext
  • Manufacturer: PACO STAR
  • Weight: 0.800 Kgs
Price: 49.00лв.
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In most modern households, people have several TV sets while only one set-top-box installed in the living room for example.
Therefore, if you want to watch Programs in your bedroom, you may need to buy and install a new set-top-box.Meanwhile, monthly expences goes up. This Cable modulator IR extender is designed for several TV sets sharing one set-top-box.
 With this product you can watch the digital TV program in your bedroom and control the STB in your living room.It requires no rewiring as the product has employed the frequency multiplexing techniques.Using the existing cable signal would not be interfered. It provides clear image and transmits long distance without interference from outside. Also it exposes no electro-magnetic radiation and has high protection. The product applies for various A/V aquipments such as VCD, DVD and satellite receiver.



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